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The Biturbine process
The Biturbine implements processes requiring themixing, dispersion, coating of products with powder or liquid ingredients. It takes various names depending on the industry : coating, oiling, glazing, flavouring...

The process implies that the Biturbine can be equipped with additional functions :
• Product feeding
• Liquid dosing
• Powder dosing
• Sieving of excess ingredient
• Discharge

Multiple technical solutions are available. They are selected during a development phase involving experience information exchanges and trials.

Procédé Biturbine
Trial objectives are to:
• Observe the product behaviour
• Assess the capability of the Biturbine to fulfll the expected result
• Record the parameters
• Produce a reference sample
• Select the size and characteristics of the appropriate Biturbine model
• Determine the peripheral accessories
• Anticipate the conditions for a successful installation and operation

Brining of pistachoes    
Coating of breaded products    
Coating of chocolate truffles with cocoa powder    
Coating of frozen foods    
Coating with a barrier fat    
Flavouring of pet food    
Flavouring of powders and granules    
Flavouring of snacks and croutons    
Impregnation of fertilizers    
Oiling of dried raisins    
Oiling of nuts    
Oiling of sweets    
Powdering of plastic granules    
Powdering of shredded cheese    
Sugaring of doughnuts    


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