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Presentation of the Biturbine

The Biturbine is a machine dedicated to the continuous mixing or application of a liquid or powder ingredient on another product in specific cases:
• Fragile products
• Minimal quantity of ingredient
• Requirement for a continuous process
• Requirement for reduced pollution
• Limited space available

The principle consists in splitting the flow of product in smaller lots. These lots are gently processed just as it were done by hand or in small a dragee coating pan.

The mechanism relies on 2 parallel rotating screws with a discontinuous flight. The screws are lodged inside an auger.

Any ingredient introduced in the Biturbine undergoes a triple action : longitudinal and lateral transfer, rotation. It results in a high degree of friction between the particles. The Biturbine functions as a continuous mixer for non cohesive products or as a continuous enrober for adhesive products (sugar syrup, melted fat, flavour solution).
The Biturbine comes in modules; a module can be plain or fitted with a heating jacket or perforated section.
The Biturbine is avalaible in different sizes. The proper size is selected according to the product size and the process capacity.

Biturbine Capacity lg/h Length mm Width mm Height mm
BTS 50 - 500 1500 - 2500 320 300
BTM 150 – 1500 1500 - 2500 400 340
BTX 300 – 3000 1500 - 3000 500 400
BTXL 600 – 6000 1500 - 3000 600 440

The main parameter to adjust is the screw speed.


Brining of pistachoes    
Coating of breaded products    
Coating of chocolate truffles with cocoa powder    
Coating of frozen foods    
Coating with a barrier fat    
Flavouring of pet food    
Flavouring of powders and granules    
Flavouring of snacks and croutons    
Impregnation of fertilizers    
Oiling of dried raisins    
Oiling of nuts    
Oiling of sweets    
Powdering of plastic granules    
Powdering of shredded cheese    
Sugaring of doughnuts    


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