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Spare parts for Biturbine
Among the various parts of the Biturbine, the brush screws, also known as VFS (or Very Flexible Screws), require attention. Maintenance should monitor wear for 2 reasons : wear diminishes the mixing performance of the machine, exterme wear may result in the loss of fibers.

New VFS can be ordered mentioning :
. machine reference number and date or alternatively,
. its dimensions : screw diameter, shaft diameter, screw length, diameter of the stainless steel end shaft.

Coating petfood with flavours - the Biturbine on YouTube
Within all coating machinery, the Biturbine process relies on a gentle tumbling and mixing effect, just as hands were shuffling a product with an ingredient to coat it. To see this unique effectin action just follow :

Brining of pistachoes    
Coating of breaded products    
Coating of chocolate truffles with cocoa powder    
Coating of frozen foods    
Coating with a barrier fat    
Flavouring of pet food    
Flavouring of powders and granules    
Flavouring of snacks and croutons    
Impregnation of fertilizers    
Oiling of dried raisins    
Oiling of nuts    
Oiling of sweets    
Powdering of plastic granules    
Powdering of shredded cheese    
Sugaring of doughnuts    


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